Make Your Own Unicorn or Dinosaur Mini-Garden!

Make Your Own Unicorn or Dinosaur Mini-Garden!

⭐️Can we let you in on a little secret? ⭐️

Just recently, we have heard the Dinosaurs ROARING & the Unicorns TWINKLING ; they are calling out for some help as they need somewhere to move into this summer… would you like to help them?

Let your imagination run wild with you and create your own mini garden filled with stones, pathways, leaves, glitter and much more to create the garden of your dreams ready for your mystical creatures to move in!

We have several sessions for you to bring your little ones to this summer starting Monday 5th August – Friday 30th August giving you plenty of options to fit about your (busy) summer schedule!

Just £7.50 per child to include ALL supplied along with a drink & biscuit on the day!

Tickets must be purchased through Eventbrite and are available now!

⭐️The Dinosaurs & Unicorns are so incredibly excited to come and visit you this Summer ⭐️

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