Martin Green Interiors in The Garden 2024

Martin Green Interiors in The Garden 2024

Martin Green Interiors – In The Garden, returns to the Walled Garden this May and will again be bringing a unique and diverse range of furniture, planters, statues, vintage items and more!

Martin Green Interiors focuses on finding new homes for beautiful, well designed and expertly made furniture and other various household and garden items. Promoting ethically produced furniture, as well as the reuse and recycling of old furniture which can find a new lease of life!
This upcoming garden event is an extension of their ethos, and they’ll be adding in items that they’ve created or repurposed from reclaimed timber especially for the event here in The Walled Garden.
“We are passionate about finding new homes for antique, vintage and contemporary pieces that are beautifully designed, masterfully created and enduringly desirable.
​Through experience, knowledge and research we look to share the story, history and social context of individual pieces; from design origins, points of craftsmanship to materials used.
As a business we are dedicated to sustainability and invite you to help us reduce carbon production, waste and pollution by considering an older and cherished item to furnish your home.”

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