Dorset Art Weeks venue 60

Exhibition in The Walled Garden

28 May to 13 June 2016

Open: 10am — 5.30pm daily Entry: FREE

This is our first exhibition as part of Dorset Art Weeks and has been organised by Dorset based curator Sandy Kirkby. We really hope you enjoy discovering the artworks and the tranquillity of this beautiful Garden. Huge thanks to all of the artists that have contributed so enthusiastically to this exhibition, for more information on participating artists please scroll down.

Half Term Family Workshop

Date: Wednesday 1st June

Time: 10.30 - 12.30

Price: £10 per family (up to 2 children plus £5 each additional child)

Suitable from ages 6 yrs upwards

Make your own sculpture from willow and paper and maybe make them into lanterns too. All materials provided. Wear old clothes and bring a small torch if you would like to make a lantern sculpture.



Ian Middleton

"I visited Pompeii as a child and the plaster casts taken of victims of the eruption made a lasting impression on me and introduced me to the casting process. I cast in alumina cement, resin and I have a small bronze foundry using the ceramic shell method. There is usually a repetitive element in my work and I often cast multiple parts which bolt on to larger pieces."

Ian grew up in East Anglia, he studied at Sheffield College of Art and the Royal College of Art and worked with Eduardo Paolozzi briefly before moving to the West Country. He has taught in a number of British Art Schools and in 2013 Ian did a Fellowship at Chelsea College Of Art and in 2014 was elected an Academician at the Royal West of England Academy.

Silent Passage

David Worthington

"I remain committed to object-making, because I believe each generation must redefine itself through its own creations, including objects. And I am committed to sculpture as I see it as a reflection of our own bodies in space. In a sense all we are is ground up stone dust with water added, metamorphosed by the élan vital, the breath of life."

David Worthington is a sculptor who working principally in the medium of stone. After training in Barcelona and New York, he returned to London in 1995 where he maintains a studio practice, carrying out public and private commissions as well as exhibitions.


Elaine Wilson

"Elaine’s work is…subtle, complex and multi-layered, it sneaks up on us to takes us by surprise, lulling us with it’s decorative beauty, whilst pulling a punch like an iron fist in a very elegant velvet glove" Sue Hubbard

Elaine Wilson was born in Kilmarnock, Scotland. She studied sculpture at Duncan of Jordanstone School of Art in Dundee and completed an MA at the Royal Academy Schools in London. She has exhibited widely in Europe and America, taught in Barcelona and Florence, and has been a visiting tutor at art colleges throughout the UK. She is presently a senior lecturer in sculpture at City and Guilds of London Art School, London.

Seeing Myself Seeing

Lisa Lindqvist

"My work is my way of making sense of the world around me. It’s like a searchlight that never sleeps for very long. There is an element of self enlightenment that I gain through my art, but moreover I hope it is emotive and revealing for the viewer."

Lisa graduated from Wimbledon School of art and was an artist associate of the Frink School of Figurative Sculpture. She works in a variety of materials and scales ranging from small waxes to larger than life size works in cement and bronze with the figure as an ongoing theme and inspiration.


Mike Chapman

"I love stone. I love the sound of it under a mallet, the smell when it’s cut, the colour and the texture. Most of all I love its permanence, millions of years in the making, hundreds perhaps thousands of years in the form it gives me."

Originally an art director for ad agencies around the globe Mike retrained as a sculptor studying with quarrymen from the Dorset limestone quarries eventually opening his own studio in 1996.

Mike’s work is now in the collections of a number of institutions throughout the UK and in private collections both here and in America.


Isla Chaney

"During Dorset Art Weeks I will be making a new sculpture on site in response to the Walled Garden. This is a different way of working for me and something I have been exploring over the last two years, moving away from a solely gallery based practice into a more of an installation based one"

Isla makes intriguing structures that are contemplative and deliberately ambiguous. Concerned with the internal architecture of things they focus on the patterns of growth and transformation inherent to all natural phenomena - from micro-organisms to the larger scale geology of the landscape.

bSide Festival 2014

Andy Kirkby

"Our often obsessive and rose tinted view of the past needs frequent feeding. Fragments of recognition provide a building material for us to make these connections. Sometimes the slightest hint of shape, smell, or spoken word can take us back to our personal and shared recollections"

Andy Kirkby is a sculptor working in stone, metal and mixed media. His work explores issues of memory, misinterpreted evidence and fragmented form. The work is intended to act as a catalyst - encouraging the viewer to remember and create their own personal narratives.